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Anna Keesey, Curly Quotes Editing, owner and editorProfessionally . . .

Anna Keesey is an editor with absolute passion for the written word. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, with an emphasis in creative writing, from the University of Central Oklahoma and graduated magna cum laude. Anna has ten years of experience editing in various environments, including as an assistant editor for New Plains Review, a creative journal, and 1890, an academic journal. She also has extensive experience in creative editing and revision through peer review and tutoring. She works with individuals and partners to create the best version of their work before querying or publishing.

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On A More Personal Note . . .

Hello! My name is Anna.

My life took a turn for the literary very early. Not only did my mom encourage reading as an activity that was fun and always offered new worlds to explore, but my elementary years were spent in a school system that hyper-focused on reading skills. This was great for me! Trips to the public library with my mom and sister were the highlight of my weeks; I read voraciously, and I learned by example from a variety of books before I really knew what a comma was. It was my sixth grade English teacher who helped me realize I had a talent for grammar and story, but it would be another year before I began to think of books in terms of a career and the word “editor” would enter my vocabulary as an everyday thought. Once I reached college, I did try a couple other degree paths, but the siren call of the stories waiting for me in the English department were too much to ignore. I pivoted and pursued my English degree with gusto, never looking back.

My passion for story is all-consuming, and paired with my natural inclination toward grammar, I make a powerful editor. I’ve spent more than three quarters of my life focusing on literature and grammar, learning and perfecting and combining practices to create an editing experience everyone can enjoy and be proud to take part in.

Anna Keesey's cat, Luci

While I was raised in Oklahoma in the United States, I currently live in Chile with my spouse and our cat, Luci. As expected, I love to read! I favor high-fantasy fiction, and I’m slowly completing my Tolkien collection. Other favorite authors of mine include Robert Jordan, Madeleine L’Engle, Libba Bray, and Tim O’Brien. Curious about the books I’ve read? You can find them on my StoryGraph or GoodReads! In my own writing, I stray toward writing dark fantasy or horror, but I also dabble in poetry. If I’m not editing or world-building for my own stories, you can reliably find me playing video games, crocheting, coloring, or tending flowers.