Terms of Service

Basic Terms
The client will be on time—save for emergencies—for scheduled meetings or call/email/message to cancel/reschedule at least 12 hours before the meeting time. In the event the client cannot call ahead, the client understands if they are more than 10 minutes late, their meeting will be cancelled and it is the client’s responsibility to reschedule with Curly Quotes Editing, LLC.

When an edited draft is delivered to the client, they understand it is their responsibility to make changes to their project and ask questions of Curly Quotes Editing, LLC in a timely manner. Missed deadlines, if any, due to mismanaged time are not the fault of Curly Quotes Editing, LLC.

In the event that Curly Quotes Editing, LLC cannot attend a scheduled meeting, the client understands they will be contacted as soon as possible before the scheduled time and it is Curly Quotes Editing, LLC’s responsibility to reschedule.

Conduct Policy
The client understands that Curly Quotes Editing, LLC will never be excessively harsh editing their projects and will always treat the client and their work with respect. Therefore, the client will afford Curly Quotes Editing, LLC the same courtesy. The client understands that editing can be an emotional process, and Curly Quotes Editing, LLC is not a grading service that is judging the client’s personal self or work based on craft, grammar, style, or length.

Verbal Abuse
The client understands that emotional or verbal abuse will not be tolerated and is grounds for Curly Quotes Editing, LLC to terminate collaboration and refuse service to the client in the future.

Disclaimer of Service
The client understands that Curly Quotes Editing, LLC cannot guarantee their placement, acceptance, or integration with the unaffiliated entity the client brought their project to Curly Quotes Editing, LLC for. Curly Quotes Editing, LLC can only attest to the editing and revision to make the client’s project its best version and the higher likelihood of success due to Curly Quotes Editing’s professional skills.

General Disclaimer
Curly Quotes Editing, LLC is owned and operated by one person. All content on this website and various outgoing social media links are copyright of Curly Quotes Editing, LLC or Anna Keesey, owner and editor. Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the content of both this website and social media affiliated with Curly Quotes Editing, LLC belong solely to Curly Quotes Editing, LLC.

Last Updated February 2023