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My name is Anna, and I’ll be your editing companion!

Congratulations! You have a draft ready for editing! You’ve conquered the writing process, and I’m here to help you bring your manuscript to the next level. I call myself your companion, because I’m exactly that: a mentor and friend who will be there for you and work with you to create the most enthralling version of your manuscript.

Why do I need an editor?

I’ve attended and asked questions during many interviews with people who work in publishing. The one constant, no matter if they work for the Big Four or a small press, is this: Publishing houses receive hundreds of manuscripts every day, and they only have time to read the first few sentences of each. If those sentences have a mistake or do not pique their interest, your beloved manuscript will end up thrown away.

So what’s the publishing houses’ advice?
No successful book is just its author. Hire a professional editor before submitting your manuscript for publishing.

What if I’m self-publishing?

If you’re self-publishing, having a clean and professional grade manuscript is the most important factor to your success. Skipping the publishing house means every stage of polishing and tweaking is on you, the writer.
Ease that burden and keep your book in the hands of your readers by hiring a professional editor!

What can Curly Quotes Editing do for you?

  • I offer Book Editing for self-publishing authors that provides a complete and personalized editing experience meant to relieve much of the stress of formatting, extra writing for blurbs, synopses, and author bios. This service also streamlines the editing process and gives you freedom to put more effort into marketing and author events!
  • As a small business, I have more freedom to work with your schedule. Many authors have other jobs and can only work with an editor outside the traditional 9-to-5 business hour model.
  • And finally, I offer a rapid service for editing when you want to move forward as quickly as possible, find yourself on a deadline, or need to catch your dream agent!

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